Is a firm or soft mattress better for me?

When you’re choosing a new mattress there’s a range of questions that you’re likely to ask yourself – is it better to have a firm or a soft mattress? Is a soft mattress supportive enough?

You may have heard mixed reviews on whether you should sleep on a firm or a soft mattress. The reality is that there’s no one perfect mattress feel for everyone, and personal preference is the most important thing. There are however, some important factors you should consider when deciding what’s best for you. Consider your body type It makes sense that the support a small and light person needs is different to someone who is bigger and heavier. So consider your size and which points of your body feel the most pressure when you lay down (do you have broad hips or shoulders?). The Beauty Match can help provide the best mattress match to give you support that suits your body type.

When you test a mattress, lay in your usual sleep position Whether you’re a side, back or a tummy sleeper, always lie the same way as you would normally sleep at home. Spend 10-15 minutes on each mattress you try to ensure you have the right comfort and support. The aim is to find the mattress that feels naturally comfortable and doesn’t put pressure on any particular points of your body. If you feel pressure on certain points of your body, the mattress is probably too firm for you.

Firm isn’t always best

The myth that firm mattresses provide the best back support isn’t true. Again, it’s all about finding the right support for you. This means ensuring there’s no uncomfortable pressure on certain points of your body. Hot sleepers If you’re a hot sleeper, it may be best to opt for a firmer mattress. Soft mattresses allow your body to sink into the mattress further, reducing the amount of airflow. People who tend to get hot at night will benefit more from a firmer mattress as their body will be up higher and have more air circulating it.

Beautyrest comfort and support layer technology

Beautyrest offers a wide range of comfort and support layer technologies that allow you to choose your mattress according to your personal sleeping preferences (extra-firm, soft or a level in-between). You can sleep well knowing that you’ll still be giving your body the support it needs.

Beautyrest's unique technology

Beautyrest have developed a range of advanced technologies to ensure your body is supported and your sleep is restorative.

The comfort layers in all Beautyrest mattresses are made from premium Australian made components, delivering excellent support, pure comfort and ultimate durability.

The high-quality support layer of our mattresses enhances the pressure relieving properties of the comfort layers, as it contours to the body to help achieve natural spinal alignment.

So when you choose a Beautyrest mattress, get as comfy as you like. We’ve got your support covered.

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